Foot and Ankle Reconstruction

Dr Craig S. Radnay is a top rated surgeon dedicated to advanced treatments of common and complex foot and ankle disorders.  Foot and ankle diseases may affect normal life significantly, often requiring long care and expensive rehabilitation programs.  Foot and ankle reconstruction takes into account tissue reconstruction, function restoration, and cosmetic rehabilitation.

Conditions for evaluation and treatment

  • trauma – ankle fracture, compartment syndrome of the foot, foot fracture – Lisfranc injury, fractures of the heel bone, metatarsal fracture, talus fracture and toe fractures.  Traumas or injuries may be acute or continued, mild or severe caused by athletic injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work accidents or occupations with repetitive use of the foot in poor mechanical positions
  • vascular diseases – disorders causing poor circulation in the artery or vein
  • metabolic diseases – infective disorders causes by diabetes, alcoholism, phacomatosis or gout
  • tumor – Melanomas, epitheliomas, and sarcomas of the bone or of the soft tissues
  • infection – infective ulcers
  • malformation – although rare, congenital diseases such as clubfoot