Cutting edge technology for better patient outcomes

Cutting edge technology for better patient outcomes

Dr. Radnay is using cutting-edge technology in his practice to provide better patient outcomes, including robotic-assisted partial knee replacement and a procedure to definitively treat Chronic Tendon Disease and chronic plantar fasciitis.

Robotic-assisted partial knee replacement – MAKOplasty

He offers partial knee replacement options (also known as partial knee resurfacing) using MAKOplasty robotic-assisted technology. This procedure is an option to getting a total knee replacement for patients who have arthritis pain in only one or two compartments of the knee, which allows for a more rapid recovery and a natural feeling knee.

Chronic Tendon Disease and chronic plantar fasciitis treatment – Tenex Health TX

Dr. Radnay pioneered a groundbreaking minimally invasive treatment at the ISK Institute to repair and heal chronic tendonitis and plantar fasciitis disease and injuries using Tenex Health TX technology. This procedure gently and minimally invasively removes the source of Chronic Tendon Disease pain and stimulates the body’s natural healing response, allowing for rapid pain relief and recovery. Unlike other treatments, it addresses the pain rather than mask the symptoms. Patients who have failed conservative treatments (ice, rest, physical therapy) after approximately three months may be a suitable candidate for this procedure.