Out of Town and International Patients

Every year, many out-of-town and international patients seek specialized treatments for foot, ankle and knee disorders from Dr. Craig S. Radnay. Dr. Radnay provides services through international hospital programs to accommodate the needs of patients and their family.

The international medicine program team is committed to make each patient's visit as comfortable as possible and to meet the unique needs of the patient and their family. The international medicine team is a dedicated group that flawlessly combines patients' medical needs, individualized preferences, cultural and religious expectations into a tailored experience. Services include travel accommodations, Visa applications and customized financial planning, with world-class care in Manhattan's Upper East Side neighborhood. The international medicine team ensures that each patient has a seamless and stress-free experience by providing personalized services and assisting with unique needs. For more information, send an inquiry or contact Dr. Radnay's office at