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  • dr Radnay thank you so much for performing a successful ankle surgery for me.Thanks to your superior surgical skills i'm able to walk now.I am forever grateful to you.Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    By - Asya G
    27-Nov-2019 06:10 PM
  • I first met Dr. Radnay after a fall I had in 2017. Dr Radnay advised me that I had torn ligaments in my ankle that needed to be repaired. He was very patient with me as I had a lot of questions about the surgery. He was very caring and explained exactly what the surgery was going to entail as well as the recovery in clear concise layman terms. In July of this year he removed the hardware in my ankle as it was bothering me. Dr. Raday is very approachable and has a very professional demeanor. I highly recommend him to anyone that may need a doctor/surgeon for his expertise. I wish more doctors were like him.
    By - Rita S
    23-Nov-2019 04:57 PM
  • Dr. Craig Radnay is excellent. I have been seeing him for my knees for many years. I have injections every 6 months which addresses the arthritis in my knees.
    By - Helene C M
    20-Nov-2019 09:01 AM
  • Dr. Radnay was highly recommended by my Cardiologist, Dr. Marc Eisenberg, and what a wonderful recommendation it was. Dr. Radnay diagnosed the problem, prescribed medicine, and in 3 weeks the problem was resolved, and I was discharged. I would highly recommend Dr. Radnay!.
    By - Sally T
    18-Nov-2019 03:08 PM
  • Dr. Craig S. Rsdnay performed both of my knee total replacements. One was about 10 years ago and the other one was July 11, 2019. My knee feel a hole lot better. I will recommend my friend with knee problem or who need a knee replacement to go and see him. He took real good care of me.
    By - Stacy E
    12-Nov-2019 08:15 AM
  • With great confidence, I recommended Dr. Radnay! I suffered from an ankle impingement for a year. The pain was unbearable, and it robbed me of the ability to be active in various sports. It was so bad I wasn't able to run for a bus. I had arthroscopic surgery on my left in July 2019. Today, I am pain-free. I had no complications with surgery. Before, Dr. Radnay was thorough and efficient. He walked me through everything that was going to happen. Dr. Radnay is excellent at his craft. Any patient will be in good hands with him.
    By - Michael M
    25-Oct-2019 09:31 AM
  • Upon a lengthy examination of my right foot issues and after reviewing an MRI study Dr. rad nay determined that I had ligament damage and it would likely require surgery to accomplish the repaired. I discussed my personal problem with scar tissue. Dr. Rad nay then mentioned Stem Cell treatment, which I opted for after a long discussion. It has now been 9 months since the Stem Cell treatment and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Dr. Rad nay.
    By - Douglas B
    23-Oct-2019 10:47 AM
  • Dr. Radnay's staff were able to accommodate my busy schedule. When I arrived and had completed the necessary paperwork, I was seen right away. Dr Radnay was able to diagnose the problem causing my pain right away and I am now on the road to recovery. The concern of the entire staff, including Dr. Radnay himself was most comforting.
    By - Cliff L
    21-Oct-2019 02:30 PM
  • Dr. Radnay and his staff are terrific. Great doctor, knows his stuff, great bedside manor and a super nice guy. Thank you Dr. Radnay!!!
    By - Steve L
    01-Oct-2019 07:05 PM
  • After 13 years of osteoarthritis, due to a bad break, Dr. Radnay allowed me to reclaim my health. Before the surgery, I was obese, had diabetes. and was depressed due to constant pain. The surgery allowed me to be pain free. The resulting increased mobility allowed me to feel so much better, I began to walk and had a change of attitude towards positivity. Dr Radnay, in addition to being an amazing surgeon, has a professional demeanor yet approachable bedside manner. He answered all my questions and has guided me through the entire process. I resolved to lose weight and develop healthy habits, and became a changed person. I am now a Health Coach and help others feel like I do. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Radnay!
    By - Eileen T
    19-Sep-2019 11:34 AM
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