Dr. Radnay Allowed Me to Reclaim My Health

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Dr. Radnay Allowed Me to Reclaim My Health

After 13 years of osteoarthritis, due to a bad break, Dr. Radnay allowed me to reclaim my health. Before the surgery, I was obese, had diabetes. and was depressed due to constant pain. The surgery allowed me to be pain free. The resulting increased mobility allowed me to feel so much better, I began to walk and had a change of attitude towards positivity.

Dr Radnay, in addition to being an amazing surgeon, has a professional demeanor yet approachable bedside manner. He answered all my questions and has guided me through the entire process.

I resolved to lose weight and develop healthy habits, and became a changed person. I am now a Health Coach and help others feel like I do. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Radnay!