Successful Ankle Surgery After Others Deemed it Impossible

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Successful Ankle Surgery After Others Deemed it Impossible

I had both my knees replaced and in recovering from that my right ankle became weak and very painful. I could not stand on it and walking became very difficult.

I went back to the orthopedic group that performed the knee surgeries and they injected cortisone into my ankle to give me relief. The relief did not last and after several visits I was told I would either have to live with the pain or have my ankle fused. I knew I wanted to travel and I did not want to settle for that answer.

I searched the internet and went into NYC to seek another opinion. The doctor I spoke with was honest and told me he could not do anything for me but recommended that I see Dr. Radnay.

I brought all my MRI’s to my consultation appointment and Dr. Radnay. He showed me the detachment of the peroneal tendon on the side of my ankle which was causing the swelling and pain. He said he could fix it. The surgery was done and when I awoke Dr. Radnay told me that the damage to the tendon was more extensive than the MRI had shown. The tendon was very thin, torn and could not be sewn back together. However he was able to insert synthetic material in my ankle, which would then adhere to the weak tendon enabling attachment. I was very upset after finding out that I would have to have another surgery in three months (after the material had adhered). Knowing this he called me at home that night to see how I was. He is a very compassionate doctor.

Three months to the day later I had the second surgery. He took the new tendon material and attached it to the tendon of my big toe creating support for my ankle. After physical therapy I was able to walk without pain and actually danced at my daughter’s wedding! To date I have been able to walk the trails in Whistler, British Columbia, Yosemite and the rocky coast of Ireland.

I feel blessed to have found Dr. Radnay. He was never too busy to answer my questions or take my phone call. I know it won’t last forever but I put it to the test daily and so far I am still moving forward without pain.